Throughout my career, drawing has been the primary focus of my practice.  Strongly influenced by minimalsm, I employ varieties of wet and dry media to develop series of works on paper, the content addressing tensions among primarily flat shapes and lines, the energy between them, their relationship to negative space as well as to the edges of the support.  My approach is to begin with an element, adding information to develop a visual dialogue, mindful of restraint, challenging myself to know when to stop.  The final images are distillations of experiential incongruities and fragmentation, with a prominent role given to negative space, referencing the weight of silence, of things unsaid.

Within the past year, I have been building wall-mounted mixed media sculptures as a way of freeing the shapes from their ground, thinking of them as drawings in space which activate an architectural environment.  With a process-driven, improvisational approach, I allow chance and contingency into the work.  I utilize wood, both purchased and found, cast-off scraps (repositories of my own and others' decision making) as well as mundane hardware elements.  Bry bringing material into my studio, I can live with them, consider them over time.  To begin I create a core arrangement of elements which interest me, and which may be added to, taken apart, rearranged, cut, glued, screwed or hinged together, all the while asking the work to endure trial and error, my own doubt about what's going on, until it finally resonates with me.  The resulting pieces, at times playfully wacky, not about anything but themselves, touch on ideas about instability and fragility, and to the viewer hopefully offer a bit of mystery.